Múm Band, logoHallo. We are múm and thats who we are, (pronounced “miooyyuujm”). And now our new album is out and it’s called “Go go smear the poison ivy”, it’s our fourth album proper and we are happy with it.

Maybe it’s a season too late, but we trust you to pretend it’s not. That’s about all we ask of you right now. But words can not express how thankful we are to everyone, everyones is the openest arms.

But we are not medical practitioners, nor are we what is generally considered “hobos of leisure”. We are conveyors of sound and a few things more and that’s quite enough.

Our first album is called ” yesterday was dramatic, today is ok”, our second one was called “Finally we are noone” and the third “Summer make good”, but before and between these two we released alot of different things and played with many different people in all kinds of places. These were all what you would call “good times”, even though everything always goes up and down in one way or the other.

We hope you enjoy the music